StageDriver Fan Connector

For professional artists and promotors,free fan base building using SMS

StageDriver is the free direct marketing platform for artists and promotors. Curious about how StageDriver can help you build a fan base you can directly connect with using SMS?

About Stagedriver

My name is René Elenbaas, founder and booster of StageDriver. For more than thirty years now I’ve been making a living in music. As a frontman and songwriter I’ve always been responsible for all the PR, marketing and sales for al my bands and acts. Much has changed in those thirty years. Social media and streaming services offer previously unheard of opportunities. But there’s also a less favorable side to this digitization in that generating revenue from songwriting is a thing of the past.

These days there’s only one way to earn a living in music: performing live and giving people the time of their lives. Being able to connect to these fans afterwards provides an opportunity to offer them your music, merchandise and tickets. That’s what StageDriver is all about: providing a completely free channel for you to reach out to your fans directly using SMS. Want to know more? Have a look at the FAQ or contact us. Or create an account and get going yourself.

What our Clients are Saying

“With my coaching I help people to write their best songs, but also how to brand their music in the most authentic way. For this StageDriver checks all the boxes! I highly recommend this service!“

Friedemann Findeisen

Song Writing Coach, YouTube Influencer and Author of the Amazon best seller “The Addiction Formula”.

"With StageDriver you can start immediately in the spirit of DIY. Without any costs! Reaching your fans and connecting and mobilizing them. That's the basis of taking the next step up. Just do it!.“

Roelie van Lingen

Talentscout, (e.g. Miss Montreal) Musician and Composer.

“As a musician and an artist you want to be independent. StageDriver is a highly effective PR-tool that at all times keeps you in control of how you're being viewed as an artist.“

Ro Halfhide

Singer-songwriter. Founder Amsterdam Songwriters Guild and Songwriters Guild Live.